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Re: [OT] Moving away from KDE to what?

On Tuesday 12 November 2002 10:08, Alex Polite wrote:
> I visited my mother last week to help her setup her DSL
> connection. While doing so I realized that her Windows 2000 350 MHz
> box is a lot more responsive then my Debian/GNU/KDE 500 MHz box.
> So out goes KDE.
> I tried out the minimalistic ratpoison an ion wms and kind of like
> them. At least they are fast. But they don't handle apps like gimp or xmms
> to well. Now I'm looking something in  the middle ground.
> Here are the requirements:
> 1) Must be able to "maximize window to available space" a la
>    enlightenment.
> 2) Must support multiple sequence key bindings a la emacs.
> 3) Must be fast.
> 4) Must be faster.
> alex

I use fvwm2 and am quite happy with it. Also it fulfills all your
requirements (except maybe Nr 4.)

HTH, Michael

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