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Unknown HZ value! (0) Assume 100.

Hello list,

I began to see this message when I type ps in Debian woody kernel 2.4.16. I 
searched the google and was noticed that it could be a bug in libproc.
Is it true? Any way to fix this problem?

My system info:
# uname -a
Linux luke 2.4.16 #7 SMP Thu Dec 13 09:09:23 CST 2001 i686 unknown

# dpkg -l | grep libc
ii  libc6          2.2.5-11.2     GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libc6-dev      2.2.5-11.2     GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Hea
ii  libcap1        1.10-12        support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabil
ii  libcarp-datum- 0.2.8-1        Debugging And Tracing Ultimate Module (for p
ii  libconvert-ber 1.31-1         Perl implementation of Basic Encoding Rules 
ii  libcurl2-ssl   7.9.5-2        Multi-protocol file transfer library. (SSL s
ii  libgpmg1       1.19.6-12      General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]

# dpkg -l | grep proc
ii  at             3.1.8-11       Delayed job execution and batch processing
ii  cpp            2.95.4-14      The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  cpp-2.95       2.95.4-7       The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  cron           3.0pl1-72      management of regular background processing
ii  gawk           3.1.0-3        GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing l
ii  libproc-proces 0.33-3         Perl library for accessing process table inf
ii  mawk           1.3.3-8        a pattern scanning and text processing langu
ii  procinfo       17-1           Gathers and displays misc. system informatio
ii  procps         2.0.7-8        The /proc file system utilities.
ii  psmisc         20.2-2.1       Utilities that use the proc filesystem
ii  textutils      2.0-12         The GNU text file processing utilities.

Patrick Hsieh<pahud@ezplay.tv>
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