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Re: How to add "testing" source to my apt.conf?

This one time, at band camp, Mariano Kamp said:
> > ATM, woody == stable, so if that's the contents of your sources.list,
> > you are running woody.  If you want to track woody exclusively, you can
> > change all references of stable to woody, but this will not upgrade you
> > automatically when sarge becomes stable (although I think we won't have
> > to worry about that for another year or two)
> A year or two is quite some time. What would I do if I believe a newer
> version of mozilla or evolution is stable enough for me?
> Cheers,
> Mariano
I think the standard advice to people who want a compromise between
stability and recent software is to track testing.  Testing (currently
sarge) gets all software that has survived for 10 days in unstable
without any serious bug reports, so it can be considered reasonably

Note, though, that testing does not generally get security updates as
quickly as either stable or unstable - in order for a security update to
make it in, it has to either go through the standard 10 day wait, or be
specifically uploaded by the security team to testing/updates on
security.d.o, which doesn't happen too often.

All that being said, I track testing on my desktop, and have since there
was a testing.  There are some occasional breakages, but usually few,
and you usually see them discussed on this list pretty quickly.

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