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Re: Newbie home network; Debian gateway, XP within.

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 01:15:02PM -0500, Barry Mathieu wrote:
> Unfortunately, I neglected to realize when I first posted, I was not
> subscribed to the list. So, I've missed a few responses. Without having
> to wait for them to appear in a google search, how can I obtain the
> responses I missed?

All the Debian mailing lists are archived on lists.debian.org.  There
only seems to be a few hours lag on it, so your replies are probably
already there.

> Also, I momentarily had ipmasq working.  I added the dns info from the
> resolv.conf file to the TCP/IP portion of the "Local Area Connection
> Properties" and I checked "never dial a connection" in IE's "Internet
> Options".  Yes, I was using IE on the XP machine to access the web
> through the Debian gateway. 
> I then began testing; let the link die after PPPd timeout & retry
> connection. When I restarted IE, I heard the modem start, but again, it
> doesn't appear to be using DNS. That is, if I try to ping an outside
> host with a name, I get an error message of unrecognized host.
> It was definitely fantastic to be using the web from an interior
> machine (newbie network glee). Ideas on trouble shooting?

Are the DNS settings still there?  Windows randomly losing settings
wouldn't be much of a shock.  How does pinging an IP outside your
network go?


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