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Re: Web site users, and ftp

On 11/6/02 1:52 PM, "Debian User" wrote:

> Ok, I am having a hard time being new to linux and all.
> Basically I am looking for the Standard procedure for setting up an
> apache server, and ftp for users on a debian box.
> I see much more documentation needed in the Linux world if this is going
> to be easyier on newbies, there is plenty of reference, but the system
> lacks Layman terms, or terms that explain how something works as a
> whole, or how something should be setup for a certain situation.  Maybe
> I am just looking in the wrong spot, but the apache web site dosen't
> seem to help much with how things should be done, they only seem to give
> reference for experiance users and I am far from a experienced user.
> Sorry if I sound upset, I am just frustrated spending all day on
> something that takes 5 mintues on a windows server.

We do it our way, which is similar to Cobalt,

Place all sites under home i.e.
/home/sites/www.domain.com/web <is web root

Set the /etc/passwd file to reflect that as user Joes home dir as:

We use ProFTPD and chroot the user to their /home/sites/www.domain.com

In apache just set the scriptalias, documentroot and you should be fine. I
know many are extremely security minded and you can offer to the clients the
option of using ssh to tunnel in or set up SFTP. But for basic, come as you
are hosting whatever directory path is your choice. Pretty simple once you
do a few.

David Thurman
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