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Re: umount Dead NFS Directory

axacheng said:
> Hello there,
>       I got a problem while trying to umount NFS. I have two web servers,
>     one exports its /var/www for NFS share and the other mounts it as its
> own DocumentRoot too, thus I got two web servers with exactly the same
> contents. If the one as NFS server malfunctions, the other NFS client
> should umount its /var/www and link it to the other place.

link it to what other place?

>       I wonder what makes this happen, and I think that controlling the
>     interface directly to meet my need is a bad idea. Any comment or
> advice is appreciated.

have you tried killing apache and anything else using  /var/www
(you can use lsof or another similar tool to find out what is using it)
before unmounting?

AFS may be a better approach, though I haven't used it much. Or some
other form of distributed filesystem.

on my webservers if I need 2 with identical content I just use rsync.

depending on the kind of activity you do over NFS(e.g. read only or
writing or lots of writing of small files etc), it may be advantageous
to use another sytem to host the NFS, I have found that my redhat 7.3
has a much more solid NFS implimentation then my debian 3.0 machines.
Solaris's is pretty strong too. It may be my kernel(2.2.19) vs
redhat's 2.4.18, but the bulk of the problems I have encountered
with debian's NFS is the rpc.statd service(which appears to be
completely userland based)


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