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Hi guys:

I am new to Linux and I have had some sort of problems I could not find the
way out. I am using Debian 2.2r5 in an old brave Pentium 166. Here are the

1- I could not run Netscape. I installed the system completely and later I
installed nestscape-base-4 with all the packages recommended by dselect.
However, the icons on the desktop that should point to the browser do not
work. I tried the command "netscape-remote" at the xterm window and I just
received the answer "not running on display :0.0". I tried as root and as
regular user. I tried to find any other executable that could start
netscape, but no succeed. I uninstalled netscape, installed again several
times, and nothing.

2- Every time I install the xwindow system (I did it many times), Linux
always run the graphical environment at startup. Sometimes I like to be able
to start Linux with the prompt shell only. How can I do that. (I did it
once, when I had a RedHat installed, just changing the runlevel at startup,
but it did not work with Debian).

Could anybody help me?


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