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Re: html as background

>From Lance Hoffmeyer <lance@augustmail.com>, on Sat, Nov 02, 2002 at 09:13:20AM -0600:
> This is what I am trying to do-- but automatically from a console.
> Galeon will save as *.ps file.  But does w3m,links, or wget save as
> *.ps file?  How can I write a script (bash, perl) to go to a website
> and dump the html page as a *.ps file (or gif,jpeg...)?
> I am basically trying to get a local weather forecast off the web
> and use it as a background on my desktop.
---end quoted text---

You can also use xearth (or is it xplanet?) and suck down current
images of the cloud layer which you overlay on top a globe on the root
window.  You can have that globe stay on a particular longitute and
latitude.  There probably is also a way to download other weather
numbers which you also place geographically on the globe.

This sounds more interesting than html to me.  To have a hires picture
of the earth with a wide angle view of current cloud patterns and some
weather data thrown in.

I'm not positive about spraying the weather numbers on the globe.  But
I have done the bit with the cloud layer.  It works great.



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 Steve Cooper          Redmond, WA

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