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Re: Broken packages.

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 06:48:18PM +0100, Jakub Turski wrote:
> I  run  debian unstable. Once in two or three days I run aptitude update
> && aptitude upgrade, and it proceeds without any visible  errors  -  no-
> thing seems to be wrong. However, sometimes I get a 'truncated packages'
> -- a packages that looks like incomplete. For example, right now:
> root:/usr/src[224]# dpkg -L textutils
> /.
> /usr
> /usr/share
> /usr/share/doc
> /usr/share/doc/textutils
> /usr/share/doc/textutils/copyright
> /usr/share/doc/textutils/changelog.Debian.gz
> . and nothing more.
> How come the package is incomplete? How come there's NO FSCKING error message about it?

dpkg -s textutils

> I  checked my hdd, ram, and everything is ok. I have integrit, which mo-
> nitors fs. No error there. Then why? Proxy?

Packages change. What was once in textutils is now in coreutils (and has
been since September). Read the changelogs

>  Please CC the answers to me, as I do not read this list.


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