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Re: Broken packages.

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> > How come the package is incomplete? How come there's NO FSCKING error message about it?
> dpkg -s textutils
> Packages change. What was once in textutils is now in coreutils (and has
> been since September). Read the changelogs

 Ok, it is a different problem.

 Coreutils was there, but was incomplete:

 root:/var/lib/apt[336]# dpkg -L coreutils  | grep fold

 It  happens from time to time to some packages. When I refetch the pac-
kage, everything is fine. Even if  it  is  a  problem  with  my  network
connection (SHOULD NOT happen - TCP should not allow mangled data to ar-
rive, no?) why aptitude/apt doesn't complain about it.
 It  is  not a problem for me to refetch it, but what if someday it will
fsck up glibc or something important?

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