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Re: Kernel Panic | boot | Unable to mount root fs | Reiser FS

Hi Alan,

  ok, it's good to hear that it would be possible to use ReiserFS out of
the box. Still I am wondering which problem I did hit then?

  In the posting of Seneca he quoted the explanation regarding the lilo
error messages. As far as I understood there is a serious problem with
my hard disk, which is unlikely as the machine was running the same way
(i.e. booting from SCSI and using ReiserFS) with SuSE. 

  I was unsure what to do with the type of partition when fdisking my
hd. I left the type as "eightysomething - linux" as I haven't found
ReiserFS as a vaild type.

  Btw. Is it possible to boot from a ReiserFS partition?


On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 00:10, Alan Chandler wrote:
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> On Friday 01 November 2002 9:29 pm, Seneca wrote:
> >
> > Reiser and EXT3 are compiled as modules with the Debian kernel that I
> > have here (2.4.19-586tsc). Your rootfs cannot be compiled as a module.
> > For your system to boot, you need to use a different kernel, or set your
> > root partition to a filesystem with compiled in support (such as EXT2).
> This is not so.  The installation of a debian kernel when you have a rootfs 
> which needs a module for the root filesystem type is to create an initrd 
> image (uses mkinitrd from the initrd-tools package).
> The kernel boots and loads the initrd image as a ramdisk.  The scripts that 
> are then run (/linuxrc and /sbin/init) mount the module (from a copy on this 
> ram disk) and then switch to it as a root.
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