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Re: how to force galeon to use dns name resolving???

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 01:48:41PM +0000, Rupert wrote:
> With my dyndns account the DNS records live for 60 seconds on the
> world-accessible DNS servers. This seems to be the case for the machine
> bboett.dyndns.org (see dig output below). So you have to wait for up to
> 60 seconds before the new address will be accessible through the dyndns
> name.
uhm, i am well aware of that, and i have no problems whatsoever with
it... the only to have problems with this is this "'$'$$&/'«»'«»

all the other programs don't rely on their own DNS cache and treat that
address as it should: with a very fast TTL....

as my machine runs 24h a day, and since i don't reboot very often, nor
leave my Xsession, and since i open a quite fair amount of web pages, i
can't restart galeon all few hours.... this means that after a few hours
galeon becomes unusable for my work on my own machine for the rest of
eternity, since that f****g program never updates its DNS cache....

that's why i am searching a way to flush its damn cache (or if possible
    disable it completely, since it causes only problems...)

ciao bboett

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