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Re: debian versus ms1998

On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 03:57:12PM -0800, John wrote:
> October 31st 2002
> I am currently an MS Windows 98 user, but am very interested in Linux since 
> seeing a programme about it on the BBC World Service a few weeks ago.
> A simple question I would like answered please.
> Is debian an alternative to MS Windows or complimentary to it?


>    Can they work together or not?

You can have both installed on the same machine at the same time but you
can't actually USE them both at the same time (with some exceptions such as

>  If it proves not quite suitable can users revert easily or not?

Normally yes, but installing a second operating system on your computer
allways entails some risk that you will damage the existing system.  That's
true of installing different versions of Windows on the same computer as

> MS Word seems to have ironed out most of the problems.  Can the same be 
> said of the debian system?

Word is a word processor, Win98, Win2k, Debian etc are operating systems. 
Not really comparable to Word.


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