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Re: debian versus ms1998

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:57:12 -0800 John <warri@networksgy.com> wrote:

> I am currently an MS Windows 98 user, but am very interested in Linux
> since seeing a programme about it on the BBC World Service a few weeks
> ago.
> A simple question I would like answered please.
> Is debian an alternative to MS Windows or complimentary to it?

This depends entirely on how you use it.  As they are both operating
systems they tend to be exclusive of each other.  However, you can install
both operating systems on one box (provided you have enough hard drive
space) and then dual boot.  In which case, you can easily switch from one
to the other by rebooting.

> Can they work together or not?

See above.

> If it proves not quite suitable can users revert easily or not?

If you've gone with a dual boot option, yes.  If not, you still can, but
it's a bit harder (reinstall).

> MS Word seems to have ironed out most of the problems.  Can the same be 
> said of the debian system?

Huh?  Not following those two questions.  If you're asking if Debian is
stable, yes the 3.0 release is stable.

Jamin W. Collins

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