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Re: exim configuration

Shyamal Prasad wrote:

A 'smarthost' is the term used in an exim configuration where a single
SMTP server (the 'smarthost') will accept SMTP connnections from your
network or host, and will relay these email onwards with headers that
identify you in a manner acceptable to both you and the owner of your
smarthost (typically your ISP).
well, although i am not yet able to send/ receive mails the unix way, i think my understanding of mail handling has improved a lot. thanx group and linux for that.

With a dial up or other ISP account you will typically be given the
'smarthost' address, though the term 'smarthost' will not be
used. This is what you put in Netscape, Mozilla, Outlook or whatever
MUA you would use on a PC. An example of a smarthost is
'smtp.yahoo.com' (Try 'dig smtp.yahoo.com' to see what I mean :-)

all right. it again gave back some nice data. can i use smtp.yahoo.com bydns_a in router configuration? i ask this because there are occassions when my local smtp server is dead. as a result, i can connect to the net but mail wont go out!

typically, i will like to use the nt server as default smarthost, failing which, i will like to use, say, smtp.yahoo.com. can this be done?

   Sandip> so far as smarthost is concerned, i do not know yet! but
   Sandip> frankly, i think a machine with the net access and dns
   Sandip> access should be in a position to send e-mails independent
   Sandip> of other machines (read -
   Sandip> smarthost). of course, correct me if i am wrong

Yes, and no. In theory you should be able to do this. In practice, if
you look up an MX record for the domain you are sending mail to,

how do i do this?

try to connect to that mail server,

and how do i do this as well?

the server may not accept mail for
you. You can thank spammers etc. for the closing of the old internet
when you could do this stuff.

but i am generally getting the thought process and the way this all functions now!

If you want to do this use eximconfig and choose option 1, not the
smarthost option. You will probably need to do a lot of configuration
until you get all mails going, and even then you would need a
smarthost like server for a 'default' route. You should read the Mail
HOWTO documents.

ohh! not immediately. if i could mess up a simpler option like a smarthost, imagine what i can do with a more difficult option! but sure - may be at a later date when my basic configuration is running.

   Sandip> but doesnt report an error. dig -t A returned some nice
   Sandip> looking data. so dns lookup seems not to be a problem. by
   Sandip> the way, do not all machines who have a dns server entry
   Sandip> have dns lookup ability?

Only if the /etc/resolve.conf file is correct ;-)

i did not get this part. by dns server entry, i meant the hostnames are being resolved properly.

   Sandip> so, some solution on this?

Your best bet would be to use the "NT server" you have described in
the past as the smarthost. Put the IP address for the NT server on
your LAN in the smarthost entry in exim.conf and use the 'byname'

i am trying this. either you will get a post from me using exim or you will get a post saying it doesnt work! ;)


thanx for the help and patience
- sandip

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