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Rejecting bad fonts in Mozilla


I figured out how to get rid of the bad fonts in Mozilla. Specifically,
you need this solution if some pages display beautifully but the
following two links display in letters with jagged edges:


You may have to increase the magnification to see more clearly what is
causing the fonts to look bad. The problem deals with the Times and
Helvetica fonts. 

The solution eliminates the use of these fonts. By the way, I also have
the MS core fonts installed, though I don't use any other MS fonts.

In ~/.mozilla, one of the directories will contain a file called
prefs.js. There will also be a Cache folder in the same directory. In
this directory, create a file called user.js:

<user.js begin>
 * For more examples see http://www.mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html

<user.js end>

Most websites will mention a specific font and also a font family. The
idea is that if the font is not available, a font from the family can be
used. So you might have "Times,Serif" and "Helvetica,Sans Serif" or
something like that. In my Font Preferences in Mozilla, I have Serif set
to "Agfa Monotype-times new roman-iso8859-1" and Sans Serif set to
"Agfa Monotype-arial-iso8859-1" and these display beautifully

This was a source of constant annoyance for me, so hopefully others can
benefit from this and also contribute to it.


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