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Re: High speed internet connection

On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 03:04:37PM -0400, Ron Cumming wrote:
> "ifconfig" . Neither "pppoeconf" nor the rp-pppoe programme direct from 
> Roaring Penguin have produced a connection even though the modem lights 
> flash . The rp-pppoe programme is working fine on my Caldera 
> installation and I am able to connect without difficulty. What am I 
> missing here.

Does your broadband (assuming DSL, even though you said modem, which
DSL does not use) use PPPoE?  If it doesn't, or if it uses PPPoA, then
PPPoE will not get you online.  

If it doesn't, try running a DHCP client to get an IP address.  IF
your ISP is not trying to screw you, then this will be the case.

If your ISP makes you use PPP over Ethernet some other dain bramaged
setup, you can get it working, but it's more complex, fragile and
slower than it should be.  *STRONGLY* consider switching ISPs, now.
This kind of setup is only used so your ISP can throttle bandwidth
easier and "hang up" on you if they get too busy or if you've been
connected "too long."  You are wasting money if you pay these people
for thier service.


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