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Re: linux abi

On Sat, Oct 12, 2002 at 05:29:08PM +1000, Rob Weir wrote:
> Linux ABI?  The Linux ABI is a property of the kernel, not a package in
> Debian.  I have no idea if it's possible to run an SCO Unix binary under
> Linux at all...

i never tried it for myself, but take a look at following packages:


here's the description:

Package: ibcs-base
Section: otherosfs
Description: Intel Binary Compatibility Specification Module

 The iBCS Emulator runs binaries for other Unixes.
 Emulations provided:
  * Sparc Solaris
  * i386 BSD (386BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSDI/386) - very alpha, very old.
  * SVR4 (Interactive, Unixware, USL, Dell etc.)
  * SVR3 generic
  * SCO (SVR3 with extensions for symlinks and long filenames)
  * SCO OpenServer 5
  * Wyse V/386 (SVR3 with extensions for symlinks)
  * Xenix V/386 (386 small model binaries only)
 Subsystems emulated:
  * /dev/socksys socket interface as used by the Lachman STREAMS
    based networking implementation.
  * BSD and Wyse V/386 system call socket interface.
  * /dev/spx STREAMS device (limited server support).
  * XTI/TLI transports for TCP, UDP and related protocols - client
    only (outgoing connections). Accepting connections untested.
 This package contains the shared tools used by iBCS for both the 2.0
 and 2.2 series kernels.

don't know about the status in >=2.4

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