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Yep I know about alien...I tried with it.
Here is my problem.
I'm using RAV avir for qmail mail server now on a RedHat machine.
Unfortunately the RAV 8.4.0 for now is available only as RPM package.
So, I tried Debian Woody about a mouth ago and I just love it. So now I'm
making a new mail server and I want to use RAV again. So I made *.deb from
the rpms with alien and installed it. But unfortunately it didn't worked.
And because of that I want to compile RPM now.


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> El Jueves, 17 Octubre 2002, "Nikodim Nikodimov" <nikodimov@riskeng.
> bg> escribió:
> >Hi there,
> >
> >I would like to have full support of RPM...a men to
> >be able to install *.rpm files.
> I strongly suggest you the following:
>     - Try to obtain equivalent .deb files.
>     - If not possible then convert rpm packages to deb with
>       alien.
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