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Re: gui c/c++ programming

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Kevin Coyner wrote:

> So, can anyone point out what they think the best toolsets are for
> learning how to write GUI interfaces in C/C++?  So far I've found that
> Qt seems to have a lot geared towards the beginner.  Am I correct in
> that assumption?  I also like the fact that programs written in Qt are
> portable to other platforms.
> Just looking for some color on how to get started in this area.
> Thanks
> Kevin
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> Kevin Coyner
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although i have not done much serious gui programming, i would recommend
fltk (fltk.org). it is quite small (can be linked static in most cases),
easy to use, supports opengl and is cross-platform. there is also a
gui-builder or somehting like that.
i do not like qt. it is so fat. and, btw, make and such things are really
difficult with this moc stuff.


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