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Re: data recovery

Jason Pepas said:
> hey guys,
> a friend of mine somehow borked his windows partition when installing
> linux.   I don't have many details, because he is a linux newbie.

if you have the exact geometry of the partition you may be able
to re-create it. I would say live & learn, reinstall and next
time do a backup. I did the exact same thing back in 95 or 96
when I first started playing with slackware..it's painful but its
a good lesson. recovering such data is quite complex, and I've
never lost data that was so important that I was willing to
spend thousands of dollars or dozens of hours of time trying
to reconstruct bit by bit ..

I wouldn't be suprised if this was a common thing :) all the more
reason not to dual boot on the same disk(or even dual boot at all)
I suppose.


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