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Re: Mutt and mailboxes

Andy Saxena wrote:
On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 09:23:25AM -0500, Keith G. Murphy wrote:

Andy Saxena wrote:

I don't think Squirrelmail allows access to POP mailboxes.

Check out squirrelmail's web page.  Look at the plugins.

Thanks for the pointer, but I don't see any plug-ins that allow POP
access without downloading it in some way. I looked at the descriptions
of Mail Fetch and Mail Fetchmail.

An ideal situation would be being able to see the important message
headers like "From: " and "Subject: " and then being able to download
the message body by selecting a particular message; sort of like

Yeah, you're right, I see nothing that does that.

I could be wrong, but I think the fundamental idea of Squirrelmail is
IMAP access (consider the authentication procedure, for example).

Besides, Squirrelmail doesn't provide any way to enter the email server
information, username and password. I could've overlooked some
plug-in that does this too :-}.

I am certain that you did.  Use the source, Luke.  :-)

I just noticed that it looks like the POP3 functionality has been integrated into the latest squirrelmail (that is why one of the plugins is marked "obsolete"), but the documentation on that is extremely sparse. Some time, I am going to play with it...

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