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Mutt help, please

Although I have RTFM and looked at example .muttrc's, I am obviously missing something since I can't get Mutt to send mail outside my system. I am using woody, and as you can see from this mailing, I can send mail from Balsa, no problem.

When I fetchmail, if comes in OK, and of course I can read it in Mutt. I can send a mail to myself locally, and the from header looks OK, and of course it is immediately there for Mutt to read.

When I try to send a mail through my ISP, the mail seems to go somewhere, but never shows up when I fetch the e-mail from my ISP. Also, when I look in the mailq it is empty, and when I check /var/spool/exim/input it is empty as well.

So it would seem that Mutt is putting something in a header that causes my sent mail to get rejected by my ISP, and it gets thrown

Any suggestions, hints, or pointers to more reading would be appreciated.


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