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Re: dial-in server

Joey Quevedo wrote:
Oki wrote:

What do you have in /etc/ppp/options?

I leave mine as is-default config. Should I change it?

How do you set your /etc/ppp/options.ttyS<n>?

I set mine with <server IP>:<client IP>. Both in the same network of

Try this:


in your options.dialin.  man pppd for what this does.

Your idea of his IP address may not be his idea.  :-)

In relation with this, can I set the assignment of IPs to be handled
automatically. In my Windows RAS, assignment of IPs for dial-up is
automatically assigned by the DHCP server. Is this possible also in Debian?

I'm not sure what you'd accomplish by this that you couldn't easily accomplish using different local addresses for each port. For DNS and WINS, the other things that RAS is doing, see the ms-dns and ms-wins options of pppd.



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