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Building a small distribution, reprise,

Dear all,

I think that I have not stated clear what I want to do with Debian.

Some here thought that I wanted to install Debian, but I use it
already three years on three computers, so that is not my

For me, Debian is a giant collection of parts, governed by
a policy, the Debian installer and the package management

Currently, the complete Debian system takes up 7 CD's. This
is fine for me, but not to recycle small systems.

I want to create a subset of the current Debian distribution,
using only standard components that are in the standard
stable distribution.

My problem is this I think :

Once I have chosen the packages that I want in it, how do
I compile everything together so that I get a bootable CD
with the standard Debian layout, but much smaller indices
and less packages, so that I can e.g. offer a distribution
on only one or two CD's ?


Jurgen Defurne

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