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Re: How to virus-check cyrus-imap mailboxes

On Wed, 09 Oct 2002, Frank Gevaerts wrote:

> > Has anybody tried clamscan yet ? After I installed it, together with
> > oavupdate, it doesn't seem to work. oav-update retrieves the latest
> > virus definitions from the net, but clamscan doesn't seem to like that
> > file. For example, when I execute 'clamscan -d
> > /var/lib/oav-update/viruses.db', I get 'ERROR: hex2int() translation
> > problem (69). ERROR: Can't initialize virus database' And ofcourse, I
> > can't find that 69 error code anywhere...

> try 'freshclam'. It is included in the clamav package, and downloads 
> virus signatures from the clamav author (not exactly the same as the oav
> ones). They recognize at least klez and bugbear.

Frank, thanks for the tip: those signatures work and I'm able to scan my
disks. However, I'm still getting the translation error. 


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