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Re: ifup, dhcp troubleshooting

    "paul" == paul miller <paul> writes:

    paul> yes the old kernel, 2.4.18bf2.4, gets an ip via dhcp.  i use
    paul> make menuconfig to setup the kernel options, so i'll run
    paul> that again and add packet filtering, although the
    paul> description of packet filtering sounds geared towards
    paul> gateways/firewalls.

I don't know how far you have got since I last read this list. But it
is obvious that your dhcp set up is okay. BTW, as far as I know you do
need af_packet in the kernel for at least some dhcp clients (just
Google and you will see that there is much evidence for this).

Incidentally, I notice that you are compiling your own kernel. Is this
because the standard Debian kernel's don't support your hardware? I
strongly suggest you get a standard 2.4.18-{arch} kernel (not bf2.4)
if it works on your hardware. The Debian kernels are heavily
modularized, and very well done. You hardly ever need to recompile
kernels at all if you have a single processor system with relatively
standard hardware. The only price you pay is a little more disk space,
and slightly slower boot up if you have a slow system.

The standard 2.4.18{-k7} kernel has:


and the default /etc/modules file loads af_packet module (the
CONFIG_PACKET=m option above).

So you probably want to at least that.


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