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Re: Ext3 and Reiserfs

    "Chavdar" == Chavdar Videff <videff@itt.bg> writes:

    Chavdar> Is there any problem giving it a go with debian and
    Chavdar> format all with ext 3. In the manuals the primary concern
    Chavdar> is the partitioning pattern not the choice of file
    Chavdar> systems.

ext3 is well supported by the 2.4.18 kernel's in Woody. I use it, and
have used it for several months now with no problems at all (three
power failures and two forced reboots in the last 8 months on my
desktop, many, many restarts and much use on my laptop).

I have not used any other journalled FS so I can't offer insight
there, but ext3 does work just fine.


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