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Re: procmail "safety net"

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002 15:11:18 +0930
Tom Cook <tom.cook@adelaide.edu.au> wrote:

> On  0, Gerald Livingston <debuser@sysmatrix.net> wrote:
> > OK -- I got courier IMAP up and running. Now, I'd like procmail to
> > sort and deliver to the maildir foldres I've got created. Right now
> > I pick up with fetchmail and it drops everything in
> > /var/mail/username plain old mbox style. I want procmail to do the
> > same thing at first so I can add recipes one at a time and get them
> > working. I've been through a lot of the procmail docs but haven't
> > seen anything that specifically says it is OK to set the default
> > mailbox to/var/mail/username as an mbox style file and ALSO send
> > messages to maildir style boxes with recipes. Is it OK to mix the
> > two mailbox styles and use /var/mail/username as the default
> > "fallthrough" box?
> I think so...  make sure you add the trailing / to the maildir names
> so procmail knows its a maildir mail box.
> If you set the DEFAULT variable in your procmail recipe then mail that
> isn't caught by another rule will go there.
> I'm not sure if you were asking about this, but the default exim
> install runs procmail on all of a user's mail if a .procmailrc file
> exists in his home directory.

Thanks. I'm going to play with it in a bit now that incoming mail has
slowed for the night (mostly this list). I am using exim as my MTA -- is
fetchmail just passing the mail to port 25 and exim doing the delivery?
I actually never thought about it when I installed because this is my
home, single user, machine. 

I'm about to add a couple of accounts for family members though because
WinXP doesn't seem stable on the machine they use. I'm going to start
storing all mail on this box using IMAP so they will quit losing all
their saved stuff every time windows eats it's own system file and has
to be re-installed. I'll probably end up re-building that other box to
dual boot win98 for games and debian for net/email if winxp keeps
crapping out.


gvl2 (Gerald)
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