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Re: debian emacs policy and configuring mutt

Carel Fellinger <carel.fellinger@chello.nl> writes:

> There is a space in the command, so you need quotes, try :
>   set editor="emacs -nw"

I would normally put "export EDITOR=emacsclient" in my .bash_profile
for stuff like this.  Many programs will use $EDITOR, if defined.  If
you're using csh, put something like "setenv EDITOR emacsclient" in
your .cshrc.

If mutt doesn't honor this convention, you may need to separately
define set editor="emacsclient" somewhere.  I don't know.

This is the "client interface" for emacs, specifically designed for
this purpose.  It will attach to a running emacs, if possible, or
create a new one, if necessary.  See man emacsclient(1).

Since I mostly use xemacs these days, I actually use "gnuclient" for
this purpose, instead.  It has a man page, too.

Good luck,
  Jack O'Quin
  Austin, Texas, USA

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