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postfix: very long startup time (few minutes)

for some reason the postfix thatkes a LONG time to startup (during boot). any ideas why? It seems like it's getting worse over time.

  this is on debian unstable.

I don't have too many emails and I am not aware of any long queues waiting, this is on my personal workstation, I get few hundred emails a day (mostly mailing lists), send only few emails a day and normal operation of computer seems to be unaffected by email, the only problem is when the postfix service is started.

I am not 100% sure it's postfix, at the time when it's started the system is not up yet. restarting postfix doesn't take too long - less than 1 second (/etc/init.d/postfix stop; /etc/init.d/postfix start). I think the problem is postfix because that's what it says on the screen but I guess at that time it might be something else (that's doesn't have output on the screen).

  any ideas?



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