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Re: Windows Metafiles (Alternative?)

On  0, Osamu Aoki <debian@aokiconsulting.com> wrote:
> Hi, thanks for interesting Linux/windows inter-operability tricks.
> I wonder if you can print your data directly to printer from the windows
> application in question.  If it is yes to this question, you should be
> able to create a PS file as an output file of printing operation using
> print-to-file option and printer driver such as ones for apple laser
> printers.

I can't add local printers to the machine (disabled by an
administrator), just network ones.  So I'd need to find a PS printer
on the network that I have permission to connect to ('doze wants a
permissable connection before it will add the printer).

> Once you print to a file using PS file format in windows, you can move
> to a Linux box and do your trick with EPS.  No Word/OpenOffice are
> needed in this approach.

It'd be nice...

> Even if you can not print from the original windows application in
> question, you can print PS file from MSWord. That makes 1 less step (No
> large OpenOffice to start).

Yeah, but like I said I can't add the printer.

I'm told that there are only a couple of API calls involved in saving
the clipboard to a windows metafile, and there are tools for
converting WMF to EPS, but I'm not really up with windows API stuff,
so I think I'll stick with what I've got.  It does the job, slowly but

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