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Re: VERY OT: mass installation on XBox

Edward Guldemond wrote:

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 06:23:01AM -0400, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
By the way, I like the idea of  the duel. That would really be great,
if they want to fight, let them do it themselves and stop messing the
lives of others (who will not make any money from the oil anyway!)

(Disclaimer:  I am an American.  Maybe Mr. Rodriguez is as well, and if
so, then that's fine.  I'm just venting after listening to Gerhard
Schroeder of Germany and after reading some of his campaign material.)

I'm sick of Europeans suggesting that the entire reason that the US
wants to attack Iraq is because of oil.  I agree, it may be a secondary
motive, heck, it may be over 50% of our reasons, but it's also because
of the US's love for freedom and national security.
Then why did the US supply those weapons to Saddam Hussein during Iraq's war against Iran. Iraq used those weapons to carry out attacks against Iran and devastate their own Kurdish population. Given the US's past record on supporting crackpot dictators around the world it would seem weird for them to support freedom and security now.

You're right there are other reasons besides oil. One major one is to scare other countries. Another is to circumvent the rule of law at the international level (basically to weaken the UN
even further).


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