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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

also sprach Oleg <oleg_inconnu@myrealbox.com> [2002.10.03.1952 +0200]:
> I'm curious, do you know of any standard benchmark reports of Linux
> on XBox such as LAPACK [1], kernel compilation, etc. Have you done
> any yourself?

Not yet.

> What system bus and what type of RAM does an XBox use?

I think it's standard Intel and SDRAM, but I am not sure. Hanspeter
(he's on CC) might answer this better than me.

> BTW, if one installs Linux on an XBox, can it still run Halo ?

What's Halo? Note that I am absolutely ignorant on this matter. But if
Halo is the game engine, then yes, you can make them live together
with a 10Gb drive, then you'll only have 2 Gb for Linux though.

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