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Re: Kde or gnome

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 19:13, Joyce, Matthew wrote:
> So, before I do something irreversable, which is the preferred desktop ?
> Some peolle seem not to like kde (3) and other seems to love it.
> Any advice please ?

Use twm until things are standardised ;)

KDE has its strengths, Gnome has its strengths. At present, Debian does
not have *fully Debian-classed stable* editions of either KDE or Gnome's
latest generations - Gnome is version 1.4 with a handful of Gnome 2
support modules having made it to unstable (and more, but not all, in
the normally not officially available and supported *experimental*
area), while KDE is at version 2.2 with the current version 3 available
via KDE.

The two systems are each nice, powerful, generally complete, and not
directly compatible with each other. Gnome seems to have a more
heterogenous choice of applications from my experience, partly due to
retrofitting some existing software with Gnome widgets, and partly due
to it originating with the Free Software Foundation (hence the
prevalence of "G" in all manner of names - the GNU nomenclature.) KDE's
applications tend to have started out with a central inventory of
applications, functionality and performance that needed to be provided
to create a desktop environment, and combined with a period of
difficulties over that licensing terms of a key component (the Qt
libraries), tend to be a more homogeneous selection of specific

Your preferences will likely make one more comfortable for you than the
other. Both have superceded the positions of some other environments
that were otherwise slipping from the list of *most popular* window
managers, particularly CDE. You hear less and less about some
interesting programming exercises such as Enlightenment (not to say it
is disappearing, just that it isn't mentioned as much,) and even FVWM,
OpenLook have slipped from the discussion. WindowMaker and BlackBox seem
to be two of the few that haven't been forgotten in this period, partly
due to ongoing development and the focus each has on its own design

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