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Re: What are these groups for?

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 10:52:01PM +0200, Robert Wilhelm Land wrote:
> "Running Linux" from Matt Welsh is often quite helpful in these

Good book for getting started with Linux, I used it myself.

> Would it be a mess to change the halt script from root.root to root.adm 
> and add
> my self to adm so I can closeup the mashine without using sudo?
> Is this bad admin style?

That wouldn't do what you want. Only root has permission to reboot/halt
the machine (for obvious reasons). I suppose that if you really wanted
to do that you could make halt setuid root and make it only executable
by owner and group, but I really wouldn't recommend that (I avoid making
anything setuid for security reasons). If you use GDM or KDM for your X
logins, those can be configured to allow reboot/shutdown from the
console without a root login.

Michael Heironimus

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