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Unknown source for FATAL ERROR

My system produces a message to the console, but not to xconsole or any
log file. It sounds severe enough that it should definitely be
addressed, but I have been unable to find out what is complaining
(including grepping the system for the string.) Anyone know what could
be generating the error:

FATAL Error while making lockfile. (errno = 2)

so I can actually then go looking for what needs to be fixed? I do run
many forms of servers on this system (apache, exim, proftpd, dns, zope,
mysql, postgresql, etc.), but I see properly directed messages in the
logs for them, and this appears a few times an hour (but not anything
that appears to match up with any activity or cron task, nor can I see
any sort of potentially related complaint in the logs. This has been
going on for months, but since nothing was reporting as being broken, I
haven't panicked about finding a fix - I just think that now, I should
make at least a starting effort.
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