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Re: dist-upgrade problem with conflicting packages coreutils and shellutils

Am Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2002 08:41 schrieb Faheem Mitha:
> Use the grep-dctrl package. Example, to see all packages with
> priority required do
> grep-available -Fpriority required -sPackage | less
> and you get a list of packages you don't want to mess with. Never
> try to upgrade these packages to the unstable version if you are
> running testing. You might also want to back off packages with
> priority important.
> See http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s2.2
> for more information about Priorities.

Hello Faheem,

Thank you for your help and coments.
I'll gonna have a long weekend and I'll row along the river mosel. 
4 days without computing.

Have a nice time.



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