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RE: Email (was Setting up Exim was Setting up Sendmail)


Again thanks. I followed your instructions and all tests indicate Exim is up
and running just fine.

To finish this part of let's double check on ownership and protections. It
should be like this:

    owner: userme
    group: mail
    protection: -rw-rw----
       user:  read, write
       group: read, write

		Checked. All are as above.

If you want to be dead sure, you could rerun step 3, but instead of
"du /var/mail/userme" now switch to "du -b /var/mail/userme".  And for
added fun instead of "just testing" use some other odd string, like
"last call for alcohol" so as to make it simpler to see with step 4
that it's really the newly sent message that's in your mail spool?

		Repeated steps 3 and 4 and got the message.

So presuming the above few extra checks are okee, lets move on to step
6, and try to use a simple email client to look at your emails.

6) To look at the mail use (still loged in as userme):

   $ mail

   to quit this program press the q-key followed by the enter-key.

   On my machine this gives a screen full of output looking like:

      Mail version 8.1.2 01/15/2001.  Type ? for help.
      "/var/mail/carel": 26 messages 26 new
      >N  1 carel@mail.felnet     Tue Oct 01 22:02  120/8086  animus 2002...
       N  2 carel@mail.felnet     Tue Oct 01 23:02   56/3295  animus 2002...
       N 19 carel@mail.felnet     Wed Oct 02 13:02   27/1225  animus 2002...
       N 20 carel@mail.felnet     Wed Oct 02 13:11  205/12000 Anacron job...
      & q
      Held 26 messages in /var/mail/carel

		Got a great long list of emails (how can I be being spammed already! I
barely have the thing open an hour a day.)

If this works, then the next thing to do is to choose an email client and
we will help configuring it.

Ok. Right now I have K-mail, but clearly something is wrong in spite of the
fact that I have messed with the configurations many times, reinstalled,
etc. I welcome any recommended e-mail client. I am used to, and happy with
Outlook on W2K...which I why I liked the look and feel of Kmail.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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