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Re: Foomatic and CUPS

Bill Wohler wrote:
"Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur@mindspring.com> writes:

Bill Wohler wrote:

 I was under the impression that one could simply install foomatic and
 then CUPS would then be able to present the available printers and
 drivers to the user. CUPS would then call foomatic-configure on behalf
 of the user to automatically put together a ppd file. This isn't the

I use cupsomatic-ppd, rather than foomatic-db, and that works great
for me.  Your mileage may vary.

  Thanks for the pointer, Keith. I'm not using cupsomatic-ppd for two
  reasons. One, it doesn't include my printer (or didn't when I looked
  into it) and two, the package descriptions says this:
For new installations please try foomatic-bin plus foomatic-db first.
Those are very good reasons.  Especially the first.  ;-)

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