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Foomatic and CUPS

  I was under the impression that one could simply install foomatic and
  then CUPS would then be able to present the available printers and
  drivers to the user. CUPS would then call foomatic-configure on behalf
  of the user to automatically put together a ppd file. This isn't the

  I learned through clever detective work that I could inject my printer
  into the CUPS menus with:

    foomatic-compiledb -t cups hpijs
    cd /usr/share/cups/model
    ln -s /etc/foomatic/ppd/HP-OfficeJet_G85-hpijs.ppd

  Am I missing something, or is this the intent? The documentation
  didn't indicate that this is what one should do: I just sort of
  figured it out on my own. I wished the printer had simply shown up in
  the CUPS menu in the first place!

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