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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

> The Real Problem With Debian is that it is MANUAL.  Everything must be done 
> manually, now although there may be a script or two to ease things along, 
> these often DON'T WORK.  I have spent two weeks fighting slackware, trying to 

The problem with Debian is that there is a mix of manual and
pseudo-manual stuff made for folks like yourself..

The problem with Mandrake and related distros is that they lean entirely
towards your side.  It may be extremely easy to get Mandrake up and
running the first time, but as many said you'll get sick of it
eventually and wander back to Debian or Slack or somesuch..

What I like about Debian is that I can install it on my workstation at
work, my PC at home, and my mail/web server..  The only difference is
that I am more adventurous on the desktop machines and run the unstable
distro, but my server essentially works _the same_ as my workstations.. 
I can test stuff on a workstation and then implement a change on my
server in the same way and generally expect to have little or no

Do that with Mandrake.. :)


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