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Re: update-inetd and vsftpd

Richard Otte <otte@ucsc.edu> [2002-10-02 06:10:47 -0700]:
> I wanted to use a simple ftp server so I installed vsftp.  I checked my
> /etc/inetd.conf file and see the following line:
> #<disabled>#ftp         stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd
> /usr/sbin/vsftpd

Hmm...  Never having installed vsftp I can't say but it looks like an
error during install left this disabled, or a bug in the package which
left it disabled.

> which also didn't change anything.  Am I confused in thinking I need to
> have this line changed from 'disabled' to 'enabled' in order for inetd

There is nothing magical about 'disabled' there, only that it is
commented out with the '#' which makes the entire line a comment.  The
update-inetd script will look for certain patterns and manipulate only
those patterns.

You could (and many experienced users would) manually edit the file
and remove the #<disabled># characters from the line and save the
file.  Then send the running inetd the -HUP signal.  But it is
concerning that the package installation left you with problems.

Since this package seems to have problems, I suggest you abandon it
and chose a better one.  You say you want a simple ftp server?  I
suggest installing bsd-ftpd.  It is simple, light, reasonably secure.
Almost certainly you would be avoiding your current problems.

  apt-cache show bsd-ftpd

  apt-get install bsd-ftpd

If at some time in the future you wish to change your configuration
then you can use dpkg-reconfigure to do so easily.  This is true of
most packages.

  dpkg-reconfigure bsd-ftpd


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