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Re: Emacs and ALT Key in New Debian Installation

Mark Seven Smith <pampaluz@cox.net> [2002-10-02 05:58:48 -0700]:
> I recently installed Debian (Woody 3.0), and I have Emacs 21.  I have found 
> that
> the ALT key does not work.  When I go to use M-X as a prefix, or when I 
> need to
> use the ALT key for any command, all I get is a beep, and nothing else 
> happens.

I found that too.  I found that if I installed using the PC104
keyboard instead of the PC102 keyboard that ALT was no longer a meta
key.  But the "Windows" key was the meta key!  Apparently someone
thought they would use that extra key as a meta key and moved it off
of the ALT key.  The bad thing I see is that selecting PC102 or PC104
actually causes different keys to be mapped as the meta key.

Does the "Windows" key work as a meta key for you?


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