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Re: Emacs and ALT Key in New Debian Installation

Mark Seven Smith <pampaluz@cox.net> writes:

> I recently installed Debian (Woody 3.0), and I have Emacs 21.  I
> have found that the ALT key does not work.  When I go to use M-X as
> a prefix, or when I need to use the ALT key for any command, all I
> get is a beep, and nothing else happens.
> The ALT key works as a META key just fine when working from a real
> console (without X).  It is only in X that it doesn't work.  This is
> irritating, because for instance, when scrolling backwards, I have
> to keep hitting ESC V, instead of holding down the ALT key and
> hitting V.
> Any ideas on why my ALT key doesn't work?

I seem to recall something like this.

Does the left Alt key work and not the right Alt key? Is it possible
that the "Window" keys work in place of the Alt key?

You may want to look at the configuration for the x keymap in
/etc/X11/xkb, such as /etc/X11/xkb/keycodes/xfree86 and also in


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