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Re: galeon and its problems (was: tabbed browsing as 'zilla's default)

also sprach Dave Carrigan <dave@rudedog.org> [2002.10.01.1838 +0200]:
> >   (b) keyboard control; i am failing to switch to the next tab with
> >       ctrl-right and ctrl-left, and i can't close tabs with ctrl-w.
> >       furthermore, i want to make ctrl-n bring up a new tab.
> Hmm, my galeon uses ctl-Prior and ctl-Next (the PgUp and PgDown keys for
> switching tabs).


> It's trivially easy to change the key-bindings, if there is
> a corresponding menu item for the action: click (not click-and-hold)
> on the menu and move the mouse pointer until the item you want to
> change is highlighted. Then, type the keybinding you prefer. Voila.
> Note this works with most gnome programs.

Wow, that's really nice. However, I can't make use of special keys
like Home and End without Ctrl or Alt, and the arrow keys don't work,
no matter whether tried alone, with ctrl, alt, or shift.

any clues on that?

> It sounds like a gconf problem. Galeon's use of gconf has evolved, and
> you might have some old settings that are causing problems. You should
> try running galeon-config-tool with all 4 options (--clean-schemas,
> --install-schemas, --fix-gconf-permissions, --clean). Run the first 3 as
> root and the last as yourself. This will give you a clean slate to start
> out with.

It's a fresh install. Never used galeon, gnome, or anything requiring
gnomelibs before.

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