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Re: No sound with EMU10k1 module

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 04:45:13AM +0530, BOND ISCT wrote:
> Hi All,
>         I am using 2.4.18 kernel and created these sound modules EMU10k1, 
> sound, soundcore etc. All these modules are loaded and there seems to be no 
> problem. But when I try to execute the following commands , there is no 
> sound.
> cat /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav > /dev/dsp1
> cat /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav > /dev/audio
> but the esd is already running.

The SBLive supports hardware mixing, i.e. you can have more  than one
program accessing it once, so I doubt ESD is causing problems.  It might
just be that you have the volume turned way down.  Try running aumix or
gmix or kmix or whatever and make sure the volumes are reasonable.


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