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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 22:19, Peter Christensen wrote:
> As a newbie I hesitate to get involved here, because I know nothing about the 
> other versions of Linux.  But after reading through countless problems and 
> their solutions on this mailing list, maybe it's refreshing to hear about 
> someone's positive experience.
> I chose Debian because I was attracted to its non-commercial nature.  A few 
> years ago I tried Slink, but gave up after many problems.  So I did have a 
> tiny bit of experience when, a couple of months ago, I ordered Woody on CD.  
> It installed so easily, seemed much more streamlined than my recollection of 
> Slink.  Somewhere I read that KDE was an easy transition for Windows users, 
> so I chose it in the install.  I would highly recommend it to anyone moving 
> from Windows because it gives a complete working environment (that has a 
> familiar look and feel) from the start.  AND the printer was so easy to 
> install in KDE using CUPS.  

IMHO, any newbies should really try Libranet or (dare I say it),
maybe, possibly even, <deep breath> Lindows 2.0.

I *know* that Libranet is newbie-oriented Debian, and pointing
your sources.list at Debian mirrors works.  I've heard that, deep 
down, Lindows is Debian, and that pointing your sources.list at 
Debian mirrors should work.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with http://www.libranet.com but am 
a satisfied user.

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