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Re: Motherboards

>From Vikki Roemer <vikki@2khiway.net>, on Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 07:32:27PM -0400:
> >I'm looking for information on P4 motherboards and chipsets for Woody?
> Well, I don't know about motherboards, but as for chipsets-- avoid any 
> and all SiS chips.  I have the SiS 730s chipset in my computer, and the 
> graphics chips sort of work (the driver is somewhat  mismatched-- I have 
> to deal with perpetual, severe pincushion distortion), but the sound 
> doesn't work *at all* and Linux can't find my fan & temperature sensors 
> (they work-- I've checked the BIOS numerous times to make sure).  Take 
> it from me, SiS chips are just worthless; avoid them like the plague :(
---end quoted text---

FWIW - I'm running beautifully on an ASUS P4S533 motherboard based on
the SiS 645DX chipset.  I don't have onboard video.  But the onboard
sound and NIC work great, and are well supported by the kernel.  The
sound is actually much better than my previous $150 SoundBlaster Live!
card was until I mucked with ALSA.  I've had many fewer problems with
this hardware combo, than I had with an ASUS Athlon setup.

My general observation is that it's difficult to make flat statements
about motherboard and chipset brands being bad or good.  It's a board
by board, chipset by chipset decision.  Some ASUS mb's are great, some
aren't.  Some Intel chipsets suck, some don't.  Same with SiS.  Word
of mouth is the best tool you have, IMO.

Good luck!


                  \_O<  \_O<  \_O<
 Steve Cooper          Redmond, WA

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