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Linux Progress Patch problems


I've successfully applied the LPP before.  But this time around it
isn't working for me.  The symptom is that I see the Debian graphical
screen at bootup, but it freezes with no progress indicated and with
two LED's on my Microsoft keyboard flashing.

To get more info I removed the redirection of console messages to
tty2 in lilo.conf, and saw the kernel panic info the next time I
rebooted.  The last couple of lines are:

<0> Kernel panic
<4> keyboard: Timeout - AT keyboard not present? (00)

So it's not finding my keyboard!  If I change to a non-framebuffer
boot, e.g. vga=0x30C, everything's fine.  Why would my keyboard be
flaking out in the one case, and not in the other.

It may be simply a badly applied patch.  I may have had one hunk that
needed to work slightly harder to get applied.  But there were no
patch errors.

Other info:
  Kernel: 2.4.19
  Patches (in application order): Win4Lin (mki and kernel), low
                                  latency, LPP
  Debian: unstable
  Hardware: P4, ASUS/SiS mb, MS Natural Keyboard Pro (PS/2 port),
            Nvidia GForce 2 video card, MS USB mouse, Advansys SCSI,
            onboard audio and LAN.
  Kernel build tool: make-kpkg

I followed the README and updated rc, rcS, inittab, lilo.conf as per
the instructions.  Note that I only have problems when booting

Anyone else seen this?  Any suggestions?



                  \_O<  \_O<  \_O<
 Steve Cooper          Redmond, WA

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